I am fascinated by fragments, small pieces that remain from larger artefacts. A fragment will gain greater significance when ordered with similar pieces, their cumulative message becoming more interesting and complex, with numerous tales to tell.

My inspiration is drawn from my collection of antique lace and embroidery, which I accumulated during many years of teaching and writing about embroidery.

The book format allows the story to be told about their journey, through the years and across the world, their makers and their owners. The book, as it is held in the hand, allows a connection between myself and the viewer and so establishes a link with the fragments' past.

I make Collagraphic prints with painted and printed papers embossed with stitch, to create the books. With my background as an embroiderer and being largely self taught as a printmaker, the integration of stitch techniques and processes into my printmaking practice is a natural progression. I feel that it is this combination of skills which gives my work its particular characteristics.

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